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  • Matteo Ferdinandi
  • Angelo Auriana
    Executive Chef / Partner
  • Francine Diamond-Ferdinandi
    Director of Wine
Matteo Ferdinandi

Hailing from Chioggia, a fishing port island south of Venice, Italy, Matteo Ferdinandi is the Founder and CEO of Factory Place Hospitality Group.


Introduced to the food industry at a young age with his family bakery and hotel in his hometown, Ferdinandi started off in a much different direction pursuing a career as a civil engineer. While attending school, Ferdinandi spent summers in England to improve his English. It was in the summer of 1986, when he began working at an Italian restaurant in Mayfair preparing salads as a way to earn pocket money.


After finding his way into the kitchen, Ferdinandi left behind his civil engineering studies to become a member of the food and beverage industry. He credits the mathematics and design courses he took in school for his successful career now as a restaurateur, helping him understand both the financial, operational and design aspects of the business.


Prior to starting Factory Place Hospitality Group in March 2013 with friend and partner Angelo Auriana, Matteo worked for several notable restaurants including Wolfgang Puck’s Spago and CUT in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.


Factory Place Hospitality Group’s first restaurant venture, The Factory Kitchen, was a huge success, introducing Angelenos to authentic Italian cuisine in a casual yet sophisticated setting.


Although Ferdinandi had originally begun thinking of additional restaurant concepts in 2011, it wasn’t until September 2012 when Ferdinandi teamed up with friend Angelo Auriana, that the idea of officine BRERA was conceptualized. After waiting over two years for the space to become available, BRERA is now a reality.


When he is not managing Factory Place Hospitality Group or working on his next design concept, Ferdinandi enjoys exploring his neighborhood as well as living an active lifestyle with his wife Francine.

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